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Established in March 2016, Cooperation Plus Investment and Consultancy JSC (CoPlus) is a consulting agency operating mainly in the middle area of Vietnam. CoPLUS has the head office in Hue City and a representative office in Danang. In 2016, thanks to project 844 issued by the Government in order to support for developing of new self-owned businesses as well as encouraging the rise of start-ups, the founder of CoPLUS – Ms. Nhan started the first steps of this firm. With the vision of supporting new businesses, and creating an appropriate environment for entrepreneurs in doing their jobs, CoPLUS provides legal, tax, and accounting advisory services for a reasonable fee. As well as, CoPLUS also provide Co-working space for not only individuals but also institutions for the purpose of saving overhead expense at the beginning of the operation.

At the meeting, CoPLUS and VJU’s student (along with a JICA expert – Mr. Yoshifumi Hino) had a chance of communicating about fundraising activities for start-ups as well as the human resource management (HRM) according to the daily activities of CoPLUS. Many products of very potential start-ups were introduced during the meeting such as:

  • Vitamin D2 – Healthy green seed milk (Nghe An)
  • Mineral mud mask (Khanh Hoa)
  • Natural essential oils – Green Alliance (Hue)
  • Do Tung organic coffee (Lam Dong)

Regarding HRMs, Females accounted for the majority number of employees working at CoPLUS. In fact, consulting services requires characteristics that are dominant in a woman such as diligence and carefulness, thus, this structure of human resource might consider an advantage of CoPLUS.

HRMs is one the most critical success factors in consulting services that CoPLUS is operating. For that reason, VJU’s team also provided suggestions for improving connections with universities in order to secure the next potential employee generation in the future.

The meeting took place in a cozy environment with sharing from both sides. The blending of academic knowledge from VJU’s team, as well as practical work from CoPLUS, was very helpful for any participants.