Special seminar

Special Seminar

Sumitomo Corporation and Intage Vietnam Workshop on Smart City Project in Northern Hanoi

On September 29th, Sumitomo Corporation and Intage Vietnam held an online workshop on the Smart City Project in Norther...
Special Seminar

Intage Special seminar 3 – The future of work for MBA students

On 10th May Master of Business Administration students of the 4th and 5th intakes had a great opportunity meeting with ...
Special Seminar

Intage Special Seminar – A case study approach for market research

Continuing on as part of the lecture series on market research, on April 26th, INTAGE market research specialists visit...
Special Seminar

Special Lecture: Japanese Foodservice industry

On April 23, 2021, Mr. Hisashi Nagahiro - Global HR Strategy Division General Manager - Yoshinoya Holdings - a Japanese...
Special Seminar

Intage special seminar: Entering the information universe of market research

On Sep 11th, 2020, MBA students (4th intake) had a chance to attend a specialized lecture on Market Research. The lectu...
Special Seminar

Rakumo Special Seminar: The art of Subscription Business

On December 4, VJU students attended a special seminar lectured by Mr. Daisuke Mitarai (CEO, Rakumo Inc.) about "The ar...
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