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The field trips are an excellent opportunity for the Master of Business Administration program students to observe and learn about enterprises’ operations in many different fields. The visit to Roygent Parks Hanoi on November 16, 2020, is such a fruitful and memorable field trip for the MBA Program Intake 04 – Vietnam Japan University (VJU).

Roygent Parks Hanoi is managed by Daiwa House Group – a leading enterprise in the construction and real estate services in Japan. Roygent Parks Hotel provides accommodation services under two forms: hotel and serviced apartment. After the security check, we arrived at the hotel lobby at 9:30 am. Warmly welcomed by Mr. Sukegawa Koichi – the hotel manager, we are eager and excited to participate in the Hotel tour program’s activities.

At first, all students were divided into two groups. Under the guidance of Ms. Hang – the hotel’s sales staff, we had the opportunity to observe each area with useful information. Ms. Hang said that customer satisfaction is the top priority of the hotel. All hotel staff desires to bring customers the best Japanese service experience right in the heart of Hanoi. Therefore, the hotel’s design and services are focused on every small detail to give customers a comfortable and safe space like at home. Indeed, according to our observations, the hotel lobby area is designed with modern and luxurious interiors. From the lobby, we can see the summer pool area and the green lawn where guests can have a happy BBQ party with friends and relatives. The front desk staff appears with a bright smile, professional manner, and ready to help customers solve problems. Magnetic cards are provided to customers to take the elevator to either the floor where they live or the level with public facilities due to the safety and privacy policy. Also, there are signs and manuals for each floor’s use for customers to follow. General safety tasks, such as fire drills and machine maintenance, are strictly and regularly performed. All the useful information above has broadened our horizons in the hotel business, especially the meticulousness in providing services following Japanese standards.

We were then guided to the 24th floor, highlighting the shared space for all customers at Roygent Park Hanoi. First, we entered the “Party Room” room, where the building residents can hold small parties with family and friends. We are very impressed with the room’s layout, such as the kitchen area with a small bar on the guest’s right-hand side when entering the room, creating a cozy atmosphere for this place. Children’s play area is naturally illuminated and provided with piles of comics and toys for children. The room’s main highlight is the 350-year-old wooden table placed in the middle of the room as a symbol of uniqueness and sustainability at Roygent Park Hanoi. Opposite to the Party room is the well-equipped Gymnasium, where customers can also practice yoga, opened from 5h to 23h everyday. Especially, there are CPR & First Aid Kits conveniently mounted right outside on the corridor outside, ready to support in any emergency situation arises during exercise. This preparedness is a typical example for the carefulness and thoughtfulness of Roygent Parks Hanoi.

The company tour’s next destination was the “Public bath & Sauna room,” located right on the first floor, at the building’s rear part. Almost bearing the original Japanese design & architecture, this is the most special functional area, where customers can quickly notice its uniqueness in Hanoi and its typically Japanese character inside. The interior provides a magnificent view with one panorama painting of the Fuji mountain, wholly imported from Japan. The decoration makes residents feel like experiencing the original “Onsen,” pleasantly right in Hanoi. Ms. Hang then introduced meticulous arrangements with sincere pride, and we believed that customers could feel the natural devotement from all staff here.

Room decoration

One of the biggest impressions for us is that the “Omotenashi” spirit identically spreads across Roygent Parks Hanoi. Originated from Japan, Omotenashi represents the highest attitude of hospitality dedicated to customers with full concentration. It aims at going beyond clients’ expectations. Although our field trip took place on a heavily rainy day, the hotel remains clean and neat in a cozy atmosphere, and of course, complying with hygiene standards. Highly paying attention to details as always, every sharp corner inside each room is aesthetically covered with plastic pieces, ensuring the highest safety for both children and adults. Modern comforts can be seen in every corner, from the private space to the public area, ready to meet any demand during a short and long stay. 

Introducing about Roygent Parks Hanoi

More impressively, their heartfelt hospitality even made us touched, while being warmly welcome from the beginning to the end by the top managers, as well as by executive staff. They openly shared with us about their workplace culture, where people treat each other like family members. During the challenging situation of the Covid-19, the Management Board has been trying their best to retain personnel and support employees, who in turn respond to that kindness by maintaining high working performance with relentless “Omotenashi” spirit. Although just half-day acquaintance, we can feel their collective happiness deep down inside. This fact can somehow explain why Roygent Parks Hanoi has maintained an exceptionally high and stable occupancy rate this year. At the end of the field trip, the hotel generously invites our class to enjoin the lunch with all staff. We had a chance to experience their ordinary meal in a cozy atmosphere.

The tour seemed to end quickly, yet we felt attached to this destination and somehow did not want to leave right away. We hoped to come back here soon, to understand and enjoy their hospitality many more times. We genuinely appreciate the hotel’s lesson about a devoted, exemplary service that does not expect to return. From that understanding, we have realized the motivation to improve ourselves to bring happiness to others. This attitude will help us live better and happier lives after graduation from VJU. Once again, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Roygent Parks Hanoi’s thoughtful reception, as well as their valuable lessons that have deeply impressed us all.   

At the lobby of Roygent Parks Hanoi