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Mr. Nguyen Trong Tung is the 1st Intake student of Master’s Program in Business Administration. Before being a student of VJU, he had a stable job as a senior journalist. After coming back to his journalism career from graduation 2018, he brought his new knowledge and mindset of sustainable development and liberal arts education, which he learned at VJU to contribute to his career.

As the representative of the 1st graduates of VJU and a member of the VJU alumni association, Tung came back to VJU on a special day and had some words inspiring the graduates of 2019.

Time won’t wait, but the choice is yours.

Three years ago, when joining VJU in 2016, I was not sure my choice is just right or not. I was excited to learn new things, but at the same time, a little scared of me with a new reality: I may have to leave my stable job as a senior journalist.

During 2-year time at VJU, with lots of effort and support from VJU-MBA professors, I kept my job and was happy to learn, explore, share, make new friends and get to know deep inside me as an individual-self: What I really need, what is missing to be a better journalist as well as a father of 2 children? That is: Learn new things for a sustainable future.

Let us have a look at our time at VJU. We all came here with the same goal: Eager to learn and gain new knowledge. We have left behind the mock test, deadlines, mid-term examinations, assignments, group presentations, literature review, research models, surveys, and final thesis defenseā€¦

This feeling is what I had gone through the same time last year. And now, I am proud to say that I had made the right decision to join VJU, a place we call HOME.

This moment we are smiling; someone is in tears enjoying our slow-motion film at VJU with lots of love, happiness, experience, good memories of friends, and respectable loving Professors in Vietnam and Japan.

Every end has a new beginning.

Today might be the last day for some of us as students of VJU, but I do believe our learning journey will actually start from today. By the way, I would like to repeat the words of my sensei from Yokohama National University, professor Kodo Yokozawa, sent me on the graduation day: “You are among my best students. However, keep in mind that you are not going to get very far in life based on what you have learned. You are about to advance by what you are going to learn after leaving VJU. We are gonna be around, so let’s keep in touch!”.

My dearest alumnus!

Let’s keep in touch.We welcome you to join the VJU alumni network, but you are not just entering a Facebook group. You are joining a new, incomplete community that will be defined by your engagement. So, let us not just keep the friendship within the case study, group assignments, or a wave online but help and share with VJU current friends and students from minor practical things like sharing experiences, giving advice, providing scholarship and job opportunities, or returning to VJU campus to say Hello after a period of time from graduation.

I believe that we could only build a sustainable VJU network with our spirit of sharing, willingness, kindness, integrity, and generosity.

For my dearest foreign students, I am really happy to know that VJU provides great opportunities for both national and international students. So from now on, let’s share good things about VJU to your own community so that we could widen VJU’s network and make this beautiful world a global village.

Finally, congratulations to our newest VJU’s alumni network. This moment is truly yours because you all deserve it. Have a great graduation day!”

Mr. Nguyen Trong Tung