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Fieldtrip is among several activities organized by the MBA program. This year we have already had an interesting 5-day-4-night-field trip to Saigon, one of the most dynamic cities in Vietnam. During the field trip, we had the opportunity to pay a visit to 5 companies and witness the working environment in this city. The very first company we visited was INTAGE Vietnam LLC, a member of INTAGE Group (based in Japan), which provides a variety of innovation & excellence in Marketing Research services.

The head office of INTAGE Vietnam LLC is located on the 1st floor, Citilight Tower, 45 Vo Thi Sau St., Dist. 1, HCMC. When we arrived at Citilight Tower, we were welcomed immediately by Mr. Tran Nguyen Phuc – a business development manager from INTAGE Vietnam LLC. We then held a meeting with Mr. Masami Neigishi – General Director of INTAGE Vietnam, and Mr. Tran Nguyen Phuc with the presentation given by both of them. Firstly, Mr. Tran Nguyen Phuc provided some key information and practical knowledge about not only INTAGE in detail but also market research in general. Mr. Phuc started by introducing the history, the milestone, and achievements of INTAGE, followed by the establishment and development of INTAGE Vietnam. Thanks to the presentation of Mr. Tran Nguyen Phuc, we have gained insights about the key attributes to the success of INTAGE and INTAGE Vietnam as well as valuable lessons about market research, which is still new for most of us.

After the presentation of Mr. Tran Nguyen Phuc, we had the privilege to meet with Mr. Masami Neigishi, General Director of INTAGE Vietnam. Mr. Neigishi talked about the future of INTAGE, which will follow the trend of the market, such as Big Data and AI. He also gave us different insights into Science and Business. His convincing and comprehensive has truly inspired us with the closing statement that could not be more impressive: “Action without the theory is empty the theory without Action is blind” (Mr. Neighishi’s quote).

After the Q&A session with the two speakers, we have a good chance to visit the company with the guidance of Mr. Tran Nguyen Phuc. We were introduced to functional rooms, working departments, and job descriptions of each unit. Finally, the company tour completed around 5 PM with our smiles and happiness.

An afternoon with INTAGE Vietnam has given us such unforgettable memories. Market research is said to be relatively new in Vietnam. Therefore, for most of us, there is still a limited understanding of market research companies. Thankfully, during the field trip to Ho Chi Minh City, and the visit to INTAGE Vietnam, we had the chance to take and share valuable experiences and knowledge about operations in market research companies and the potential development of this field in Vietnam as well.

Fieldtrip, without any doubt, is such a meaningful activity for any MBA students to experience the real workplaces. Although we only spent five days in Saigon and four hours in each company, there are still so many things that we cherish about this field trip. Every trip ends in regret, but in the meantime, it also makes us feel more excited about our upcoming trips, with other companies waiting for us to explore.


VJU MBA 4th intake and Mr. Tran Nguyen Phuc – the photo was taken at the entrance of INTAGE Vietnam
Inside the meeting room
“Action without the theory is empty the theory without Action is blind” – An inspiring quote from Mr. Masami Negishi
Inside an interview room of INTAGE Vietnam
The reception counter of INTAGE Vietnam, where we have been explained the meaning of the INTAGE logo
Global network of INTAGE Group