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On 10th May Master of Business Administration students of the 4th and 5th intakes had a great opportunity meeting with Mr. Masami Negishi (根岸 正実), Director of INTAGE Vietnam LLC. Mr. Negishi shared about The Future of Work for MBA students. How MBA students transform knowledge they learn from education to working place. What are the skills they have to improve to adapt to future work?

In the seminar, Mr. Negishi, Director of INTAGE Vietnam LLC, discussed the following issues:
(1) To examine developments and predictions related to the future of work
(2) To examine changes in people’s work lives and careers
(3) To look at the huge changes which have been wrought by diverse factors including technological innovation, disruptive technologies and practices, globalization, and automation
(4) To see how valuable a ‘Liberal arts’

What future work will change most?

Working styles have changed rapidly since 1980. Following that, people’s work life and careers also change. For example, employees in generation X should give them immediate feedback. However, in 2020, employers want to allow them to be self-directed and independent because of the factors of the change including technological innovation, disruptive technologies and practices globalization, and automation. The nature of the changes will depend very much on the industry itself. Mobile internet and cloud technology are already impacting the way we work. Artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and advanced materials are still in their early stages of use, but the pace of change will be fast. We are in an age of “data science”, in which large and complex data, the necessary components of being employees in the future, together with skills in management. Nowadays, people focus on working efficiently and do not focus on tools.

Working styles change

What skills will change most?

Mr. Negishi suggests that the Thinking method and Consulting method is the way MBA students can approach to improve their skills and adapt to change. Through intentional experience and exposure, liberal arts provide MBA students with all-important problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It focuses on how to think, not what to think.

With conceptual skill and human skill people that can view things from multiple perspectives, no matter their field, provide greater value to employers.

The reason why Liberal Arts is important

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