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Abstract: I’m Le Hong Long, a 2nd-year student at Vietnam Japan University. The opportunity to do an internship at Mizuho Bank Hanoi is a blessing for me. My internship here has brought me a lot of knowledge and experience, which will help me in my upcoming career path.

In the first semester of my 2nd year, I signed up for an internship, and I could choose a major that I like. Then, through the exchange process with Hino sensei, Vietnam Japan University, and companies, I was accepted to be an intern at Mizuho Vietnam. Before joining the company, I had an interview with the human resources department and the department I would work in, the Japan Corporate Department 2. At the department, I was able to work alongside the Advisory Team.

In the first days of working at Mizuho, I was very nervous because I did not have much work experience previously. However, everything gradually gets easier, thanks to the enthusiastic support of the manager, Mr. Ban, and my supervisor, Mr, Nakamoto, as well as everyone in my department. It makes me more confident and feels like part of the team.

I was given the first assignment: research the residential real estate market and present about this market. With the help of Mr. Nakamoto and Ms. Thu, I completed my presentation. My presentation was given to the director of Mizuho Hanoi: Mr. Matsunami, and fortunately, I received compliments from him and everyone. The second task is to do research files on businesses in Vietnam. In addition, I also took classes on banking, had talks with staff at Mizuho to understand more about the operating model and services provided by Mizuho. Thereby, I have an overview of the banking industry and the general operation of foreign banks in Vietnam. The knowledge I learned at Vietnam Japan University has helped me greatly in my work. Specialized knowledge in economics such as Macroeconomic, qualitative research, banking & finance, and risk management have given me enough tools to work. Basic skills that I learned at Vietnam Japan University also helped me (e.g., writing emails, composing presentation slides, presentation skills, communication skills).

My supervisor Mr. Nakamoto and me.

Conclusion: I am very grateful to have this one-month internship. Many thanks to the enthusiastic guidance of Mr. Ban, Mr. Nakamoto, Ms. Thu, and others staff in the Japanese Corporate 2 department, I completed my internship at Mizuho. I hope my result can strengthen the relationship between Mizuho and Vietnam Japan University.


Career development theory and recent changes in human resource strategies of Japanese companies