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My name is Khoa – a 2nd-year student in MBA course at Vietnam–Japan University. From 15th September 2021 to 15th November 2021, I had an opportunity to do my internship at MoMo, the top e-wallet company in Vietnam, and recently became a Unicorn Startup Company. I have been assigned to work in the human resource department as a supporter for an HR manager.

I was very happy when I heard that the HR manager had accepted my application for the HR intern in MoMo. They told me that I could work in the human resource department for two months in the acceptance letter. I was nervous before the onboarding day since working in the HR department, especially in a huge corporation like MoMo, was my dream. I told myself that I needed to prepare well and work hard to fulfill my job, even if this was just an internship.

The first day at MoMo was one of the most memorable events in my life. At the time, COVID-19 spread out worldwide and in Vietnam as well. I had to work online, but I still received a warm welcome from other members of our department. My colleagues spent all day with my training and taught me many things from vision, mission, and details on how to use all the company resources. MoMo wallet is a technology company, so I had to learn and use many things related to technology.

I caught up with the work quickly and started to do my main job as an HR supporter. Every day, I scan CVs for potential candidates from many fields such as sales, marketing, IT, and so on. After searching for a resume, I scheduled the date for the interview. Unfortunately, since I was an intern, I could not join the interview to learn more from the HR manager.

Since MoMo has a plan to become a huge corporation, Momo has a big need for human resources. They also need to recruit high-level developers and suitable employees for many positions, so HR market research becomes more important and necessary. Every week, I needed to make a report to summarize and overview recent trends in the HR market. I really liked the task because I could learn so much from my HR manager.

Time flies so fast, I finished my two months internship at MoMo, and my colleagues held a small party to farewell me.

Conclusion: I have learned many new knowledge and skills. I can get it when working in a professional environment like MoMo. I believe that the internship would be a big step for me in my career path and help me to do my best job in the future.