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One of the world’s top airline companies, ANA Holdings Inc., and Vietnam-Japan University had signed the comprehensive partnership agreement in 2018, and based on this agreement, ANA Holdings has kindly invited VJU students for their Global Internship held in Japan.
Three students from VJU (4th intake students from MAS, MBA, and MCCD) who had good Japanese language skills had gained precious opportunity. From 16th to 21st of February 2020, they had learned a lot about Japan’s top airline company with other students from Japanese universities.
One of the participants mentioned that “ANA emphasizes the importance of human resources. ANA services are provided by the cooperation of so many staff and departments.” Other participants reported, “ANA philosophy emphasizes safety and doing business from the customer’s perspective.” And the other VJU student appreciates that “It is not a deepening understanding of Japan’s top company, but also it is a lot of learning to be able to interact with excellent Japanese students.”
Vietnam Japan University highly appreciates ANA’s supports for our students and hopes for continuous collaboration in the future.