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The session was held online on the Zoom platform. In addition to the potential candidates for the program, the session received alumni students and current students who attended and shared their valuable experiences with the program, both in the on-campus learning environment and off-campus activities. Assoc. Prof. Tran Thi Thanh Tu, Vice President of VJU and Program Director from the VJU side, and Prof. Hiroshi Morita, the Program Co-director from Yokohama National University side together with other lecturers and the administrator of the MBA program have joined the session and made presentations about the program.

After the opening remark by Assoc. Prof. Tu, Prof. Morita has shared interesting information about Yokohoma National University (YNU) which is in the top 30 universities in Japan. The internship at YNU during the third semester covered fully by VJU would be an extraordinary experience for all MBA students. With an insight into the curriculum and admission information, the presentation by Assoc. Prof. Tu has received great attention from potential candidates for the program who are now preparing their applications.  Assoc. Prof. Tu has shared the very good news that the MBA program offered a direct pathway to students with distinction bachelor’s degrees in the area of economics and business.

Mr. Le Hong Long, an MBA05 student later has contributed a presentation about the learning schedule at VJU together with his experiences during the online terms. It was fabulous to learn from Long that he has gained valuable knowledge and research experience from a one-month internship at Mizuho bank. He received this opportunity after the seminar with this prestigious bank organized by the MBA program.

In the preparation for her trip to Japan, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha – an MBA04 student has shared with the participants her experiences in applying for corporate scholarships and jobs in Japan. She was amazed at the network activities organized by the MBA program which connected students with companies in Japan and in Vietnam.

Last but not least, Mr. Nguyen Anh Hao – an MBA01 student has contributed a talk about his journey to the Ph.D. program at YNU from the MBA program. Being designed as a research-oriented master’s program, the MBA program effectively supports its students in finding and structuring their research interests. The methodological courses together with special seminars and field trips are highly appreciated by these successful alumni.

Afterward, the Q&A session was open, with advice from lecturers and students to address the concerns of students who did not have a business and economics background and who considered maintaining their current jobs while attending the MBA program.

Prof. Morita has closed the session with a beautiful picture of the cherry blossom season in 2022 in Yokohama. The MBA program is looking forward to receiving applications from excellent students in 2022.