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Dear all,

Why don’t you apply for VJU MBA program?
This year, a few seats are still available for you.

10 reasons you should join the program:

  1. Perfect curriculum to master sustainable business administration
  2. Many courses are taught by Japanese professors in English
  3. One Japanese and one Vietnamese advisers for each MBA student
  4. Internship in Yokohama for one term to experience Japaneses culture
  5. Special audit studentship at Yokohama National University
  6. Corporate internship opportunities in Japanese companies
  7. Visits to several manufacturing plants in the Tokyo area
  8. Weekly seminar with your Japanese adviser
  9. Ad hoc seminars with business practicioners
  10. A step to doctoral study in Japan

Yokohama is a beautiful port town with the Bay Bridge, Landmark Tower in the MM21 area. Yokohama station is one of the biggest terminal stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It takes 16 minutes to Shinagawa, 23 minutes to Haneda International Airport, 26 minutes to Tokyo, 28 minutes to Shibuya, 30 minutes to Shinjuku by ordinary train.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you soon at the VJU MBA.

All the best,

Yoshi Matsui, a co-director of VJU MBA program