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On May 25, 2017, the career guidance seminar on “Self Discovery and Presentation Skills to Japanese Companies” (Working in Japan) was hosted by speaker Leila Le – Global Marketing and Business Development Manager, DISCO Inc. The event is part of a series of career counseling activities at Vietnam-Japan University, Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

The seminar was organized to equip VJU students in particular and Vietnamese students in general with the skills and knowledge required to apply for positions in Japanese companies (in Japan).

In presenting the needs for Japanese businesses’ global human resources, Leila said: “The demand for international human resources by Japanese companies in 2017 has increased by 40% compared to 2016, and it is projected to be even higher due to lack of high quality Japanese personnel”.

Mock interviews with high-quality companies

The participants also had a chance to learn more about the working environment and requirements when working at Japanese companies in Japan; receive guidance from experts about two important skills, namely how to self-analyze and self-present impressively to the Japanese employers.

Besides, participants will also receive guidance and training in job search and job interview skills in real-life simulations in Japan.

Group discussion on skills for self-analysis and self-presentation to Japanese companies

Ms. Leila said: “Japanese businesses normally have four rounds of interviews on 1) Career orientations and suitability of the candidates 2) Does the candidate’s existing skills meet the requirements of the business? 3) The candidate’s development potentials 4) Overall, does the candidate fit in with the business’s values and vision?

A view of the workshop

Career counseling series at Japanese companies by Vietnam Japan University, VNU-HN.

This is a regular activity to provide necessary information on Japanese businesses/organizations’ recruitment needs in Japan and Vietnam. At these events, participants will be guided through successful job search and application skills in Japanese businesses.

Through the career seminar, VJU expects to equip VJU students in particular and Vietnamese students with the skills and knowledge required to present themselves confidently to Japanese companies (in Japan).