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• Learn how to apply the knowledge studied at the university in the business activities and have the opportunity of exploring the career path development matches my passion and capacity.

• Have experience on the unique features of the Japanese business culture in the business process outsourcing(BPO) – the current developing industry

• Have experience in the reliable internship program because there is a solid relation between the university, the company, and the student.

The internship program is one of the teachings and studying at Vietnam Japan University. I am Quynh Lien – the 2nd year of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. I would like to share my internship experience at the Relia Vietnam JSC., – one of the leading BPO enterprises in Vietnam via this post. The short 2-month internship brings me an interesting experience.

1. Learn how to apply theory in practical activities and have opportunities to explore the career development opportunity.

Vietnam Japan University applies the liberal arts education philosophy in the MBA program according to Japanese quality standards. This program equips me as well as other students with the knowledge and skills needed to work well in the future. Moreover, we learn how to apply the theories flexibly in business situations in the internship period.

I am arranged to have an internship in the HR department of the company. With the thoughtful guidance, enthusiastic support, cooperation, and sharing of all levels in the company from the managers to the employees, I get much knowledge about the company, the service industry- outsourcing business processes (BPO), Human Resources (HR) activities.

BPO is a concept that refers to the company that uses the services of a supplier outside of the company to focus on promoting the strengths of the business, minimizing costs, and increasing competitiveness competencies. Some industries are using BPO services a lot, such as information technology, finance, accounting, customer service, healthcare … Currently, BPO companies are growing at an amazing speed. According to experts, the industry will continue to grow in the coming years. The Relia Vietnam JSC., provide some BPO service such as filling document service, data processing service, sale promotion (sale support), back-office service…

Besides, I can also learn and participate in the recruitment and training activities at the company. I have been applying my knowledge about marketing, HR management, research skills to support them solve the problem in their work. This activity supports partly to make employees happier when working. Since then, the staff will provide better customer service to the customers because “Happy staff makes customers happy”.

Accumulating knowledge in many fields, experiencing many tasks in the internship period, especially having the chance of stepping out from the “safe zone”, doing the things that I have never been done, all of that helps me to explore more my potential ability, grasp my strengths and weaknesses. Then, I can develop my career path that is suitable to my capacity and passion.

2. Have experience with Japanese corporate culture

The company is the community, the second home for everyone here. People work for the company, always cooperate to get the target, share the joy of success and support each other when facing to solve difficulties. When I arrived at the company for the first time, I was not familiar with the company culture. Thus, I was instructed directly by many people in the companies, such as Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Tien, Ms. Linh, Ms. Ha. They instructed and supported enthusiastically in many activities: introduce company information, introduce organization ion chart, help to get acquainted with company staff, support to participate in company activities such as welcoming party for newcomers, Vietnamese Women’s Day (20 October), Christmas party event … The remarkable memory is that during the internship, I also attended other courses of the university, the company created great conditions for me to complete my learning tasks such as study place, time to study, wifi, network …

Teamwork is an outstanding culture here. When working at the company, each member understands the tasks and supports each other as much as possible to achieve the job target. If there are any mistakes at work, I receive feedback, suggestions from their colleagues to improve and do better. I am supported by all members to make the internship activities run smoothly and effectively.

Lunch Memory

3. Have experience in the reliable internship program because there is a solid relation between the university, the company, and the student.

The unique feature of this program, different from many universities, is that the support of Vietnam Japan University in the internship process of students at enterprises. Internship activities are not just only between the student and the company. It is the relation of three parties from Vietnam Japan University, the Relia Vietnam JSC., and the student. Mr. Hino, the lecture who is in charge of the internship program, assists the companies to select suitable interns, the students to choose the suitable company. During the internship, he is always close to assist me immediately if there are any difficulties. He took the time to talk directly with the company to listen to feedback, advise me to adjust and complete well the internship program. 

Generally, this internship program will partly bring value to the company, as well as a valuable chance for me to accumulate more knowledge and experience in an open and friendly business environment. I am so glad to have the opportunity to practice at the company because I learn a lot the valuable lesson and also have new friends. Finally, I would like to send my sincere thanks to Vietnam Japan University, especially Mr. Hino and the Relia Vietnam JSC., for creating the opportunity for me to have a memorable internship experience.